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Tailored Sales/Customer Service Training, Business Strategy Development …

A comprehensive, 100% tailored service for each revenue earning area of your business -sales management coaching and mentoring, sales training (at all levels), customer service/telemarketing training, business development strategy, resource materials and professional presentations - you gain a partner who knows your business model and your needs and who guarantees results

Sales Managers coaching and mentoring programs such as training and coaching your sales management team.  Consider developing your own sales management coaching and mentoring system?

Highest quality, tailored training programs for your teams - consultative account management, relationship sales/service, telemarketing for profits, customer service excellence - research, pre-planning and tailoring, training delivery, follow through, ongoing skills building and bottom line contribution.

Business Development Strategy to gain more customers and greater profits … develop a telephone marketing division … turn your customer service department into a sales focussed profit generator … add more prospecting channels to gain quality sales leads … turn more qualified prospects into customers with sales funnel management.

Resources to help you build your business … and your profits. Highest Quality Sales/Customer Sales/Service Training Programs … Business/Marketing Copywriting … Develop a Service Culture of Excellence… Leadership Excellence ideas … Conducting Successful Meetings … Sales Coaching and Mentoring program … and more.

Motivate and inspire your people, your Dealers, your Customers and your Business Association Members. Kevin Cahalane will deliver a powerful, passionate presentation at your next conference, seminar or business event

We partner with other quality suppliers such as website marketing specialists, social media experts, a webinar company (for communicating with your state/national sales teams), marketing and creative people … whose services will help you build your sales and marketing channels, save you personal time and save your company money.  Contact SaSeMo@bigpond.net.au for further information

Benefits of our Services:

Training and Skills Development Programs

Listed below are five major BENEFITS of utilising Kevin Cahalane's expertise for your Sales, Service and Support staffs' Training and Skills Development

  1. Proven Results: Kevin's 30 years experience in sales, support, telemarketing, customer service and marketing will inspire and motivate your people to develop new skills and build ideas into practical reality—giving you a dramatic impact on your organisation's bottomline.

  2. Experience:Kevin has been involved in sales, service and marketing all of his working life: Sales Manager within the organisation which developed Bankcard for 15 Australian Banks, successful sales executive with IBM, National Training Manager for Dunlop Olympic Tyres, Telemarketing Manager for the Melbourne 'Age' newspaper—translating into Results—for your people, for your Organisation.

  3. New, Innovative Ideas:in the areas of sales, service, support, telemarketing and marketing to give your people a leading edge, enabling them to out-perform, out-think, out-sell, out-service and out-smart your competition—for Bottomline Results.

  4. Results that are Real: Kevin's presentations, strategic business planning, management development and sales/service training, have resulted in millions of dollars in additional profits for companies. He will impart his values and proven ideas to your people in a dynamic, thought provoking and humorous way—for results that are permanent and ongoing.

  5. NO RISK:If your agreed objectives are not met you don't pay!

CRM and Business Strategy Development Programs  

Listed below are five major BENEFITS of utilising Kevin Cahalane’s expertise to build your Sales and Profits with your current customers, win new accounts and conduct successful win back campaigns with lost customers.

  1. Proven Results:Today, organisations face changing business environments that reward those who can respond quickly and intelligently. The need for speed in achieving business results has never been greater. Sales and marketing strategies, that are both innovative and unique to your business, should not be offering you glib phrases and simplistic answers—but should give you powerful and dynamic RESULTS.

  2. Experience:Kevin has worked with the following companies, as a partner in their business building campaigns involving key areas of customer acquisition, lost customer win back, development of customer loyalty and business building strategies—Kraft Foods, Drake International, LOSCAM Limited, Mercury Marine International, Southcorp Wines, Hallmark Cards Australia, Sigma Pharmaceuticals and Robert Bosch Australia—to name a few. He has conducted successful member retention, relationship and renewal strategy campaigns with organisations as diverse as CPA Australia and AFL/NRL clubs. That’s Experience.

  3. New, Innovative Ideas:If you are looking to maximise bottom line results, improve customer relationships, gain new customers and win back lost accounts—talk to Kevin Cahalane. He has successfully implemented dynamic programs into customer service departments, managed hugely successful telephone sales campaigns and redirected the focus of a number of sales teams towards gaining more business, more often. His knowledge, skills, methods and attitude are the best. Period.

  4. Results that are Real: A major food company increased sales by 330% in one division in less that twelve months; working with a client’s dealer network increased orders to the client by over $200,000—in one month. A major regional newspaper group recorded a 58% increase in advertising sales revenue, in a six month period.
    If you want Innovation, Value, Benefits and Results—talk to Kevin Cahalane.

  5. No Risk:If your agreed objectives are not met, you don’t pay.

Our Mission

Each indecision brings its own delays and days are lost lamenting over lost days. Whatever you can do or think you can do, begin it. For boldness has magic and power and genius in it.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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Kevin Cahalane

Kevin Cahalane

2019 is our 30th year, assisting great companies to build their revenue and profits … and helping great people to build their leadership (sales coaching and mentoring), sales and service skills.