Dealer Training

Retail Dealership Sales Training

Now you can train your Dealers/Retailers/Re-sellers, to increase their (and your) sales and maximise their (and your) profits.

Chosen ahead of a number of competitors, Kevin Cahalane researched, designed and developed a Dealer Sales Training Program for STIHL Pty Ltd. This program was delivered, around Australia, with outstanding results (see the Dealer feedback below).

The program is based on nine key steps to the sales process:

  1.  Turn a telephone enquiry into a qualified ‘shopper’.

  2.  Meet ‘n’ greet – ‘no second chance at a positive first impression – store/people/ merchandise.

  3.  Build rapport and establish trust.

  4.  Uncover buyer needs – discover additional sales opportunities.>

  5.  Quality questions will discover the buyer’s ‘hot button’.

  6.  Deliver a value proposition – stress benefits over features, of your products.

  7.  Add value to the transaction – increase the value of the sale by 10% - 20% - 40%.

  8.  Gain commitment – close the sale and open the relationship.

  9.  Create a customer advocate – follow through, keep-in-touch and build a strong referral network.

This outstanding program delivered as a one day workshop covers every conceivable angle of the sales process, and can be tailored 100% to your organisation’s requirements.

Increase your sales to your Dealers/Retailers in 2017 and beyond, by increasing their sales. They will thank you for it.

Below is feedback from the STIHL Dealer Development Manager and numerous Dealers (and their key staff from across Australia).

Kevin Cahalane was contracted by STIHL to deliver a one-day intensive sales training course at different venues around the country.

Kevin took the time and effort to thoroughly research and understand our objectives and was able to tailor the course to the needs of sales staff in our dealerships whilst ensuring it was flexible enough to cater for different skill levels.

Over a 9 month period every state held a number of training courses and I received very positive feedback from attendees and the state managers on the relevance of the training and Kevin’s enthusiastic delivery.

I have since received a number of request for similar training in the future as sales staff find benefit of putting into practise what they have learnt from Kevin.

In my experience Kevin Cahalane is a conscientious and dedicated trainer who delivers on his promises.

Hugh Freeman-Rice
Dealer Development Manager
STIHL Pty Ltd.

STIHL utilised the skills of Kevin Cahalane to conduct a nationwide retail sales training program, 100% tailored, for selected members of its Specialist Dealer Network – Dealer Principals and their key staff. The feedback was very strong, very positive and has made a dramatic impact on the bottom line results of a large number of participants.


Very informative and thought out. All encompassing.

Very high quality. Very professional.
T Van Der Zweep

Excellent. Very high quality. Levin was totally professional.

Clear and precise. (Course) materials were good.
P Langman

Great. Very clear and professional.
K Bibby

Very good and easy to understand.
N Treacy

Very professional. The workshop was well presented and easy to understand.
W Rutcliffe

Very professional, informative, relaxed.
N Mitchener

Very professional and enjoyable.
P Kays

Very good.
P Mahony

Very professional and friendly … a great learning experience.
C Purcell

Fast paced, interesting. Very professional.
G Pearce

Excellent. (Kevin) well spoken and very interesting.
S Burridge

C Rowley

Very interesting and a funny bloke. (Kevin) very professional without being a nob.
J Van Der Zweep

Very good, very professional.
M Chant

Very clear and professional … everything covered.
H Rantino

Exceptional, quality workmanship. (Kevin) fantastic. Great knowledge.
F Scarbossa

Very good, very high.
P Harland

Excellent … likeable bloke and very professional.
S Carter

Very informative and learnt a fair bit of new sales techniques. Very good.
S Bygrave

Good quality, easy to understand. Kevin clear and concise.
M Woodward

This is a great course.
C Broderick

Excellent. Good explainer of terms of reference in sales. Kevin very clear – made it easier to understand.
R Oswin

Full of good information. Very good.
P Caulfield

Very good, well presented. Involved all people.
G Rose

Excellent, very well presented. Good, useful information.
J Harris

High quality information … introducing new ideas.

Excellent. High quality (course) material, that can be used at work.
P Mahony

A day well spent, learnt a lot.
C Asquith

Great – not over-powering.
S Campbell

Flowed well and was beneficial. (Kevin very well informed.
D Stone

Excellent. Thanks.
Wayne and Kaye

Very well set up … a wealth of knowledge.
R Bensch

Great job …
N Trefz

Great learning experience in sales techniques. (Kevin) engaged the group. Knowledgeable.
C Cardamone

Very knowledgeable – very professional. Good job!
R Hinton

Very educational. Kevin spoke very well.
L Purcell

Very good.
S Russell

Really good, very informative. Found Kevin very entertaining and didn't lose focus.
R Martin

Very good – knows what he's talking about.
B Larkman

Very good.
J Harris

Very good, high level of knowledge … made everyone feel comfortable.
J Coventry

Very good.
A Robin

Highly recommend doing. Excellent.
S Kelly

It was great. Always moving quickly, not dragging on. (Kevin) lots of knowledge.
T Ansell

Excellent quality. Kevin presented very well.

Well worth it. Fantastic. A+.
O McLennan

High quality. Easy to understand. Good pointers.
B Parsons

Good – large range of topics. Kevin informative all the way.
Stihl Shop Deloraine

New South Wales

I would like to start by saying Thank You to Kevin for taking the time in preparing and presenting the sales course.

I found it to be informative, encouraging and motivating. I have put the training to good use and I am now able to get full price and am not easily talked down!

I believe that every STIHL dealer should attend this sales course. Derek has said that he will attend the next one in May as he has seen our sales increase. If all STIHL dealers did not compromise on price and stand by the product we wouldn’t have customers going from store to store for a better offer.

Hugh, the one day format was great and I learnt a lot from Kevin and in the group activities.

R Devine

Terrific input from other participants. (Kevin) very knowledgeable.
B Gallagher

D Davies

Excellent. Kevin was able to work with us and was 'loaded' with lots of info.
R Devine

Good program. Kevin (well) presented.
I Kerry

Very helpful. Lots of points that Kevin made me wake up to. Outstanding.
G Kamchevski

Totally a sales guru … The Best!
J Staines

Excellent, covered a wide range …
S Hooper

Very high quality, well worth it – (Kevin) very professional and knowledgeable.
C Hoy

Professional and precise, very interactive.
Toni E

Great - informative – fun – impressive – very professional.

I found the workshop very practical and relevant. Good quality presentation, good mix of humour.
M White

The workshop was very good, quality was excellent. Very professional – worth coming to …
A Blackman

Very good, informative. Lots of ideas.
J Neven

J Radic

The whole process was very well planned … it creates better awareness.
A Gatt

A Carrier

Very good and informative with a lot of positive views.
A Jarvis

R Bose

Great solid quality. High level (professionalism).

Very good … will get more from the workshop, with reviewing and discussing with staff.
D Manson

B Biddle


Very professional and educational. Very thorough course.
S Lanzafame

D Datt

Went along at a good speed. Great topics, well explained.
H Katsikakis

Excellent. Very informative.
L Gatt

Top quality, very thorough, very professional.

Excellent – very informative.
M Austin

Very professional and informative.
B Blythe

Very good – informal and easy to follow.
M Lachlan

Very good (Kevin) did a great job.
P Bright

Excellent, informative.
J Cox

Excellent – professional relaxed presenter made everyone feel at ease.
G White

Really good, really opened your eyes and made you aware. (Kevin) very professional.
M Portolesi

Excellent. Kevin explained everything well.
M Bartolo

Great - super.
D Devine

Helpful and constructive. (Kevin) friendly and a good communicator.
M Chapman

Very good - explained very well.
C Holland

A+ quality – learnt a lot! Exceptionally great.
J Edwards

Kevin was very good – lots of hints.
T Marquett

Very good, many interesting points. Lots of sales knowledge.
L Baker

Great – helped to break down what sales is all about. Very professional.
S Flynn

Very good, very helpful.
M Steep

Very informative. Excellent.
L Gatt

Very enjoyable and informative. Very interesting with good tips and ideas.
J Moody


Excellent – (Kevin) spoke well – good analogies.
S Claydon

Very interesting. A lot of great ideas … Kevin is one of the most entertaining presenters.
C Howie

Very professional – very helpful.
T Kelly

Well prepared - have taken some ideas on board, so the workshop worked!!
Jon Vermeer

Absolutely fantastic.
M Lukritz

It was great. I learnt a lot.
J Rasmussen

Very good.
C Aynsley

It was well presented. I enjoyed it. Kevin did really well.

Very educational. Explained things clearly.
D Kaltwasser

Very high. (Kevin) Very good.
D Granzen

Good Program. Information was informative. Kevin well spoken and professional.
P Thomas

Quite informative. Kevin very knowledgeable and relevant.
N Wessing

W White

J Reilly

Very thorough. Kevin very professional.
R Secomb

Very good and very well presented.
J Taylor

Excellent – good information. (Kevin) good to listen to and interesting.
K Howie

Very professional – very helpful in my training to become a better sales person.
J Douglas

Very good. Explained very well.
L Pristine

New ideas are always welcome. (Kevin) definitely knows the subject.
M Mason

Highly professional, fun and informative.
E Bolitho

D Tonks

Very good.
S Ziebarth

G Krause

Very good.
Jim Vermeer

Very good information, easy to understand. Kevin was great.
D Francis

First class, informal and inviting.
M Brown

Very good. (Kevin) really understood his topic.
P Hoger

Very thorough. Kevin great. Kept us all interested.
D Nissen

Excellent. (Kevin) very professional in the way he presented himself.
W Horrigan

Very well done. Kevin extremely good.

Great. Good on ya Kev!!
N Wark

South Australia

I thought it was really good and easy to understand. Kevin was nice and clear easy to understand and get along with.
G Alympic

Very good.
A Henslridge

Great, very informative, good way of teaching and training.

Very good.
M Squire

Very good.
G Mew

Excellent. Very thorough.
L Northey

All aspects covered. Excellent.
F Farrugia

S Clark

R Begley

A Stokes

D Evans

Came across well … easy to listen to.
B McKellar

Very well presented, well spaced out and refreshingly informal.
P True

Excellent – lots of information.
T Dignam

Very informative, knowledgeable. Kevin knows what he is talking about.
A James

Full of info … a lot of useful keys. Very well done.
J Jones

Well run and thought out. Covered all bases.
E Heal

I think it is good, it is a good relaxed environment, everyone can talk openly. (Kevin) good sense of humour, gets point across, very professional.

Very professional.
P Cooper

Very professional. Well spoken.
H McGarry

Very good. Will take ideas away and try and implement them. Kevin very informative.
D Franklin

Well presented and learnt new sales techniques.
O Middelhuis

L Rayner

Very good. Opened my eyes to better ways of approaching the sale. (Kevin) very good, easy to listen to and kept attention.
M Swinbourne

Excellent. Very informative.
P Maddern

D Hunter

Very good, informative, easy to follow.
B Nitschke

Excellent … very informative.
T Pettet

High quality, interesting, entertaining. Top work Kev!.
D Mulice

A Zachoryj

Excellent information.
B Elies

Excellent. Well presented and material – great.
S Lavender

Very good.
P Attridge


Western Australia

Very professional (not boring!). Informative and entertaining. Well carried out.
B Ashley

Very good – Kevin is a good presenter.
S Flynn

Kept a good pace … made you feel at east.
S Bathgate

Very good – informative and relaxed.
V Blyton

Very informative, (Kevin) very enthusiastic.
T Stuart

Very good information.
Z Van Wees

Very professional.
B Ridder

It was good – very helpful.
K Cook

Excellent - (Kevin) very experienced and professional.
L Keenan

A Witt

Very good. Fun.
M Beacon

Excellent. Very appropriate to our industry. Kevin led the course extremely well.
R Upton

C Repper

Good content, easy to follow … and enjoyable. Relaxed atmosphere, involved everyone.
W Snook


Definitely taking away lots of good ideas to personally put into practice. Excellent.
D Robinson

Very good – I learnt a lot.
B Anderson

Excellent, very professional.
B Hiscock

M Spano

Well organised, very helpful. Clear and understandable.
A Shepherd

Very good.
S Hardy

Very informative.
G Spiers

I Keenan

Very indepth and knowledgeable. Great.
J Jones

J Whitley


Very good quality, I learnt a lot of skills and (Kevin) very professional.
S Bowkett

P Woodward

Very good – very informative.
T Woodward

Very professional. Learnt some good points on sales.
M Camisa

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