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Our sales and service training and skills development tools and resources are written to offer you useful, relevant and valuable information that you can work through quickly and implement immediately.

You can implement and apply the content of most of these quality programs within 30 minutes to 2 hours.

They are in Adobe Acrobat® PDF or Microsoft Word® formats, so that you can first look through the content on your computer screen then select what you want—and print out only what you require.

Best of all, our tools and resources are competitively priced and we give an absolute money back guarantee—if you don't feel your chosen resource offers you value, we will refund the purchase price (and you can even keep it!).


You have given us a great resource to assist our sales team in continuing to achieve their goals.
Mark Dobson
National Sales Manager, LOSCAM Ltd

Our quality sales tools and resources include ...

Sales Coaching and Mentoring – Turning Farmers into HUNTERS - Turning Hunters into Sales Champions Was $297


The Customer Service Excellence Training and Skills Development Program Was $197


The Consultative Account Management Training, Coaching and Skills Development Program Was $197


CopyLink: Your comprehensive interactive marketing and advertising resource Was $99 for an unlimited share licence



All programs developed and written by

Kevin Cahalane, Sales & Service Momentum.

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Kevin Cahalane

Kevin Cahalane

2019 is our 30th year, assisting great companies to build their revenue and profits … and helping great people to build their leadership (sales coaching and mentoring), sales and service skills.