Training Program Overview

Train Hard—Fight Easy
—Russian General Sukharov

Prior to conducting a sales training (or any other training) program, the steps outlined below are taken - with you and any other key people, in your organisation, involved in the decision making process. This ensures a 100% tailored process and a successful outcome

Each stage is signed off to your exact requirements, and your objectives agreed to.

Briefing and
  • Discover, and commit to your Vision and Values, your long term growth strategies and your business model.
  • List the outcomes you want to achieve; identify issues and changes required.
  • Walk-the-walk - talk-the-talk, on your premises; submit a detailed proposal.

Set Objectives
and Strategies
  • Identify key areas for building on current team skills and gaining specific new skills.
  • Develop targeted strategies for current and new business development.
  • Develop training strategies to build your sales results, across the board,  and your profits. 

Research, Design
and Development
of Training
  • Agree research and design measures; understand your systems.
  • Commence the tailoring process.
  • Agree logistics, venue, tools and resources to be utilised in the training.

Fine Tune and
Tailoring 100%
  • Customise the process and the content.
  • Develop resource materials, handouts, use of media and work materials.
  • Sign off on completed tailored program and resources.

  • Conduct fully interactive workshop(s)
  • Total participant involvement; discussion and exercises.
  • Expert leadership to ensure smooth functioning for results, focussed outcomes.

Review and
  • Measure Outcomes against Objectives.
  • Recommend follow on stages.
  • Set long term Objectives and Strategies


  • Management coaching and development programs.
  • Tailored and personalised participant coaching programs.
  • Management Resource Materials to assist you in further developing the skills of your sales/service team(s)

All programs are tailored exclusively to client requirements and are supported by high quality resource materials and the development of ongoing training and coaching—conducted either by Kevin or can be run inhouse by Client Company trainers/line managers and coaches.


Excellent.  Great presenter, great notes - useful resources, not just for the bookshelf.
Paul Hidden
South Australian State Sales Manager, Patties Foods


On behalf of the team here, we sincerely thank you for your professionalism and dedication to working with us to successfully change our paradigm.  I feel comfortable that we now have the tools and the knowledge to make a great impact in this area.
Michael McNair
Aftermarket Manager, Electrolux Pty Ltd

Programs Include

Lessons from Geese.
How we can grow and develop as a
team by learning some "lessons
from geese


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Kevin Cahalane

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